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one tree hill auckland.
One Tree Hill | Auckland

A little about myself

Hello and welcome to my site! My name is Ariel, and I am a Chilean designer who made the decision to sell everything and relocate to New Zealand, the land of the white cloud, in 2018.

I have spent over a decade working in the digital industry, with a focus on web development. During this period I have had the pleasure of working with diverse teams across various industries, and I am always excited to learn about new technologies and innovative approaches. If you would like to learn more about my work experience and skills, please feel free to check out my portfolio and Linkedin profile. I hope we can connect and collaborate in the future!

My favourite tool is Figma, but I have experience with Adobe's Creative Suite as well. For coding, I use Visual Studio Code, and my preferred CSS framework is TailwindCSS. I also use Statamic as my CMS of choice, and Final Cut Pro for creating videos. Finally, I rely on Notion to help me stay organized and manage my projects and tasks.

But life isn't all about work, is it?

Among the many hobbies I have, I enjoy spending my free time playing video games, watching good movies, hanging out with friends and when inspiration strikes I like to make videos on YouTube sharing my experience of what it’s like to live abroad.

If you have questions, send me a message on Instagram, and I’ll be happy to answer you, but you have to be patient because New Zealand is in the future and messages take a while to arrive.

About the blog

My goal is to share my experiences and learning through this blog, documenting my adventures and experiments.

I use 100% free technology to create and maintain the site, including Netlify for hosting and Statamic 3.3 with Tailwind CSS v3.0 and the Statamic Peak theme as the foundation for development. This is the fifth release of the blog, and the code is available on Github for review. I hope you enjoy reading and learning alongside me!